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Research Company in Cedar City, UT



Let my research company in Cedar City, UT  look into old Stocks & Bonds for you - whether new or old, company research is my specialty!

Stock Equity Expert in Cedar City, UT   

My name is Cheryl Anderson, and I am a stock research professional with decades of experience. Through my business, I have helped countless people reclaim money from old bonds and stock certificates by investigating thousands of uncancelled old company stock certificates for cash values.

America West Archives is a very well established business, and I have provided stock search services for a wide range of companies, including:

• Banks
• Estates
• Stock Brokers
• Attorneys
• & Even the General Public


If you’re looking for a research company in Cedar City, UT, contact me at America West Archives. My expertise is vast -- I wrote The Stocks and Bonds Bulletin, a monthly column carried in a large number of collectible publications, and my writing also appears in financial publications such as Financial Forecasts, Personal Finance, Bond and Banknote News, Illinois Banker, North America Gold Mining Industry News, and many more. Let me put my stock appraisal expertise to work for you! I am a renowned expert on old stocks and bonds (scripophily) in the annual Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide.

Research Company in Cedar City, UT


Affordable Research Fees

While other companies may charge exorbitant fees, I am proud to keep my rates affordable -- just $35 to $45 per company. In fact, if you can find a research service that offers the same work for a better price, you let me know. I’d be happy to match it! Call today and experience my incredibly personalized service.

An Incredible Track Record

A 95% success rate -- now that's a track record any company would be proud of. However, there are some rare instances where no information can be turned up. In these unusual cases where I have exhausted all avenues of research, you will receive a full refund.

Vast Experience

You can trust me to deliver your results promptly and accurately! Throughout my decades of experience as a stock equity expert, I have gathered a range of resources, references, and tools that ensure you will receive your results within two weeks. Contact me today and let me authenticate your old American currency.

No Hidden Fees

At America West Archives, I am dedicated to your satisfaction. To this end, I don’t charge you a recovery fee if I should find that your old stock certificates or old bonds have a cash value. I don’t charge a commission fee. I simply let you know the results of my research. You’ll find out in no time if your old stock certificates have a cash value. You’ll even be provided with names and addresses of who to contact to cash them in or exchange them for new shares.

Free Bond Appraisals

You will receive a company report (including a free appraisal) on your stock certificates and bonds if I determine that the company no longer exists or the certificate has no cash value. However, some such certificates may have value to collectors. For example, some may be worth up to $200 or more.

Free Search for Unclaimed Funds

Rely on me to check for lost or unclaimed funds (“hidden assets”) in the name of the shareholder. It is sometimes possible to find items that are not even related to the certificate or company I am researching. These may include forgotten bank or savings accounts, safety deposit box contents, dividend checks, pension deposits, and many other kinds of funds. Contact me today and let me go the extra mile for you.

Contact America West Archives and learn more about my stock research services. I am proud to offer top-notch, thorough work.

Discover the Cash Value of Your Unclaimed Bonds & Stocks

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You could have hundreds, if not thousands of dollars just waiting to be claimed. I thoroughly research your old stocks and bonds to determine their value and if they can be cashed in.

Stock Research

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Do I research stock certificates from outside the US? How long does the research take? Can a stock be cashed if it's for an unlisted company? Find the answer to these questions and more about my research company by visiting here.


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At, I am committed to quality in everything I do—but don't just take my word for it. Visit my testimonials page to read what my clients have to say about my services.


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