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Let my Stock Research Company research old Stocks & Bonds for you - whether new or old, company research is my specialty!


  • Do you have old stock certificates or old bonds?
  • Need Stock Research or Company Search Services?
  • Wonder about old stock certificate values?
  • Need an old stock search on old stock shares?
  • Need stock company research or old company history?
  • American and Canadian stock research is my specialty!
  • Worthless stocks?  Maybe not!

With each stock company research report, OldStockResearch.com will provide complimentary appraisals and searches for Unclaimed Property.

Hi, I'm Cheryl Anderson. Since 1981 my stock research business has investigated  thousands of uncancelled old company stock certificates for cash values, helping people reclaim money from old bonds and stock certificates. My stock certificate research company is well established and has provided stock search services for banks, estates, stock brokers, attorneys, and the general public.  I can even research a company history and old stock shares dating in the 1800's!

My research fee is just $35 to $45 per company no matter how many times the company has changed its name. Others are charging $55 to $100 per company.  I personally conduct the research on your certificates and have no staff, which keeps the research fees low.  You could pay more for the same service, but why?  And here's a special offer - if you can find a research service that offers the same services for a lower price, you just tell me and I'll match it! 


Each year thousands of companies change business names, change stock markets, change transfer agents or have mergers and acquisitions with other companies. Sometimes there are corporate buy-outs, reorganizations or a company will relocate to another state. Other companies may file for bankruptcy and sometimes leave liquidating funds for shareholders. Keeping track of these changes can be difficult.

Today there are billions of dollars in the US and Canada being held in special accounts waiting to be claimed by turning in these old stock certificates and old bonds.  Does your old, uncancelled stocks or old bonds still have a cash value?  Let me find out for you!  My stock research company has been researching old company histories for over 25 years!  My report will provide you with detailed information on the current status of your old stock companies including any business name changes, mergers, acquisitions, stock splits, reorganizations, bankruptcies or liquidations.   


LOW RESEARCH FEE - my research fee is just $35 to $45 per company when others are charging $55 to $100 per company.  I personally conduct the research on your certificates and have no staff, which keeps the research fees low. You could pay more for the same service, but why?  And here's a special offer - if you can find a research service that offers the same services for a lower price, you just tell me and I'll match it! 

95% SUCCESS RATE - that's a track record I'm proud of.  I get the results on company research 95% of the time.  Occasionally I come up with no information on the company after exhausting all avenues of research.  If that happens, my research service is FREE to you and you will receive a FULL REFUND despite my costs and research time.

EXPERIENCE - with over 25 years in the business, I have the resources, references and research tools to get your results quickly and efficiently.  My report is mailed to you within two weeks (on average) and we can even email the results to you for faster service!  Why risk your research with someone who has little or no experience?

NO HIDDEN FEES - if your old stock certificates or old bonds have a cash value, I don't charge you a "recovery fee" to help you claim your money.  Others may charge you a large commission to cash in your old certificates.  I simply provide you with the research results and if your old stock certificates have a cash value, I'll give you names and addresses of who to contact so you can cash them in or bring them up to date by exchanging them for new shares.  

FREE APPRAISAL - my report will include a free appraisal on your stock certificates and bonds if the company no longer exists and the certificate has no cash value.  The certificates may have a "collector value" to someone who collects old stocks and bonds as a hobby.  Some old certificates can be worth anywhere from $10 to $200 or more!

FREE SEARCH FOR UNCLAIMED FUNDS - unlike other services, I'll check for any lost or unclaimed funds in the name of the shareholder.  Sometimes I find other "hidden assets" in the shareholder's name that is not related to the certificate or company I am researching for you.  These hidden funds can include forgotten bank or savings accounts, safety deposit box contents, dividend checks, pension deposits, and many other kinds of funds.  This is always a nice surprise for my clients who sometimes discover there are other hidden assets waiting for them to collect!  Let me go the extra mile for you! With these six reasons, you can't ask for a better agreement between us, can you?


Let me put my expertise to work for you!  Our articles on old bond and stock certificate values have appeared in many financial publications such as Financial Forecasts, Personal Finance, Bond and Banknote News, Illinois Banker, North America Gold Mining Industry News and many others.  We also wrote The Stocks and Bonds Bulletin - a monthly column carried in many collectible publications.  We are also the recognized experts on old stocks and bonds (scripophily) in the annual Schroeder's Antiques Price Guide.


Unfortunately, there are some stock research services which have appeared on the Web literally overnight.  They tie up  multiple domain names (including one just like mine) to unfairly drive business to their site.  Is it legal?  Apparently.  Is it ethical?  You decide.  I believe in a free market, but I don't believe in those who try to monopolize it.  So beware of the "instant" experts who have lots of web building experience, have been "on the internet" for so many years but little or no stock research experience.  I have over 25 years experience in stock and company research at work for you.

If you have other questions, please check our FAQ's PAGE OR click Fees and Ordering to start your research.  You can pay online with a credit card or print out a one page form and mail it to us.

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