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FAQs about Old Stock and Bond Appraisal in Cedar City, UT

If you have found some interesting old stock certificates while cleaning out the family home’s attic? Are you wondering what to do next? Contact me, I research old companies and will give you an old stock and bond appraisal in Cedar City, UT. You may find the questions below helpful. If not or if you still have questions, you can always call me.

Q) Do you research old stock certificates and bonds from the US only?
No. My stock research company can provide company research with old Canadian companies, and sometimes I can conduct a stock search of businesses in other countries. If you have companies to research outside of the US or Canada, please email or call me first.

Q) How long does it take to research old stocks and bonds?
Stock market research can take anywhere from a few days to four weeks. If the company research is in my reference library or in my large, 20-year database, I can usually provide you with the company status within a few days. However, business and company research can sometimes take a month if there have been:

1) several mergers or name changes or
2) if you have multiple stock certificates to research. Canadian mining or oil stock company research can sometimes take a little longer.

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Q) Will you match competitor prices?
I will match any competitor prices you find online for the same services. Just let me know what website you found the lower prices.

Q) Can an unlisted company stock certificate or bond be cashed in, even though it has another person's name on it?
Perhaps. If the original owner of the stock has "signed off" on the back of the stock certificate even though it hasn't been cashed in, it becomes what is known as a "bearer certificate," which generally means whoever owns the certificate is considered the owner. If the stock certificates are not signed on the back and the company is still in business, the policy on cashing in the stock certificates will vary from business to business and from state to state.

Stock Equity Expert in Cedar City, UT

Q) I have three uncancelled stock certificates from an old mining company. What is your stock research company policy?A) If they are all from the same company, there's just one research fee. It is important, though, to tell me:
1) how many certificates you have, and
2) the total number of shares. My research fee is based upon each old company value researched.

Q) Do you research or appraise other old financial securities or documents besides uncancelled stocks and bonds?
A) Yes and the fee is even lower. Our clients have asked me to appraise or authenticate:

  • Old American Currency
  • Paper Money
  • Promissory Notes
  • Certificates of Deposits
  • Bank Drafts
  • Money Orders
  • Personal or Business Checks
  • Other Types of Old Financial Documents

Q) My old stock certificate has small punch holes on the signatures. What does that mean?
That is one of several types of cancellations which means the certificate has already been cashed in. Other forms of cancellations can include razor-like cuts over the signatures or in the body, punch holes across the certificate or has "Cancelled" written or stamped on the front of the certificate. If your certificates have any of these cancellation marks, it no longer has a cash value. However, it may have a collector (scripophily) value. Supply & Demand Rule Here!

  • Their Age
    (The Older the Better)

  • Their Condition
    (The Cleaner the Better)

  • Their Attractiveness
    (The More Colorful & Illustrated the Better)

  • The State It Is Incorporated In (Geographical)
  • The Industry Represented
    (Mining, Railroads, Transportation, or Energy)
  • Autograph Value
    (A Small Percentage Are Signed by Famous People)
  • The Quantity Found;
    (A Single Piece Is Usually More Valuable Than Finding 50 of Them) 

Q) Why not have a stock broker check on my old stock value for me?
You can, except with today's stock market volume, you'll find most stock brokers don't have the time or capabilities to investigate them. They make their commissions buying and selling stocks, not researching them. If they don't find it listed on an exchange, they assume it's no longer active—that's when they call me.

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Q) Can I pay for your stock research service by credit card or do I need to mail in payment?
You can pay by credit card on my secured server and supply me with the company information, or print out a one-page form and mail it in to me with a check.

Q) If I'm paying by check, do I need to send you the original certificates?
No, you keep the originals. You will need to photocopy the front of each different stock company researched and mail them to me by along with your payment. The photocopies can be important, because they provide information that can assist in my research. Also some companies request a copy of the uncancelled stock certificate before providing business information to me.